I found this book tree here!

'So you loved The Hunger Games - what should you read next?'

I usually hate these things (e.g when you walk into a book store and theres a bunch of books surrounding a ‘popular at the time’ book stating they’re similar and you’ll love them….when in reality - they’re completely different and just….no) BUT I like this book tree. 

Its really awkward when I own (not necessarily READ) most of these books! This maybe evidence of 5 things:

  1. My lack of social life is lacking more than I thought,
  2. The reason behind my emotional need to attempt to recycle is shown through these pictures,
  3. My theory that the future is going to be full of natural disasters and people at war comes from books…not text books and news reports…
  4. My reason for going on runs…and just general exercising is also shown through these pictures…as is the reason why I feel its necessary to learn how to make bow and arrows and other weapons using ‘the land’, 
  5. …I take fiction way to seriously. 

(Source: dizzydaisies)

Posted on July 26th at 9:11 AM
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